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Four plugins for Adobe (r) Illustrator (r) CS2 CS1 10 (12 11 10) (+ type plugins for 10)
background / texture generation based on paths / symbols / images etc + pyramid generation + randomshambles plugin (spray particles) + random clutter plugin (to create a background of spirals stars etc). The plugins include many features such as 'tumble' (generating random settings for 1000s of different designs), patterns / tiling, drop shadows, and others
Also includes a plugin type plugin for random text / type fonts colors and more (only for Illustrator 10) The plugins were originally in an earlier AVP set
A demo is available on the graphicxtras.com site (the demo only displays the output but no OK button) - can be found in the demo section on the product page
Adobe and Illustrator are registered trademarks
The plugin set is part of the Andrew's (vector) plugins set
What's new in this version:
Background: Added tracker and documentview suites Added zoom / view level Added bold to tabs Added tumble button for randomization / experimention Added drag buttons to improve interactivity Removed layer title option Added link scale y to x (vertical to horizontal) Added shadow feature - for basic paths Option to limit the document range to document view instead of document (within limits)...

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