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Access multiple web-based services from a single application.
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Rambox allows you to access multiple web-based services from a single application. In this regard, the tool supports connecting to a long list of email services, which includes Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and Outlook. Likewise, it can let you use various instant messengers, such as WhatsApp, Yahoo! Messenger, Wire, Facebook Messenger and Telegram. However, what is best about it is that you can add any custom service by providing its URL and your authentication data.

The application is a workspace browser that organizes the subscribed services in different tabs. Luckily, it gives you the opportunity to access the same service from various accounts by subscribing with different credentials. Likewise, it is possible to synchronize your data across several devices. One of the best features is that you can receive alerts of incoming messages via your system’s built-in Notifications. Still, if they bother too much, you can mute them for specific services. Finally, you can minimize the risk that anyone could access all your messaging accounts by locking the app with a password.

All in all, Rambox saves you from using multiple desktop clients to access different email and messaging services, which reduces the demand of resources and boosts your productivity. Regrettably, it does not seem to support setting the tool as your default email handler. The Community Edition is free and works for most popular web-based services. However, should you need more, you can always purchase the Pro edition instead.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports a long list of email and messaging services
  • Allows creating custom apps
  • Allows connecting to various simultaneous accounts
  • Can display notifications
  • Can be locked with a password


  • Cannot be set as your default email handler
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