Raindrop.io 5.2

Save and organize bookmarks, photos, videos and articles.

Raindrop.io is a management tool for saving and organizing bookmarks about photos, videos, articles or any content saved while browsing. This utility lets users gather all their important online content in one place.

Visually, the app looks modern, has an intuitive main menu and several graphic customizations. It responds well to user actions and has nicely crafted buttons. Other than that, the main interface is very well delimited which makes menu navigation more efficient.

The embedded functions can suffice the needs of any user interested in managing bookmarks. With Raindrop.io, they can save and view their entire collection of saved webpages and PDF files, only by searching by titles or tags.

Also, in case one of the pages is taken down, the app automatically creates copies of all your pages and files from your collection.

Furthermore, bookmarks can be imported from various services like Pocket, Instapaper, Delicious, or Diigo.

To sum it up, Raindrop.io provides users the right tools for managing personal bookmarks with ease. Its only inconveniences were the laggy behavior when updating and its poor Safari experience.

John Saunders
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  • Supports import from various services
  • Allows searching by tags
  • Automatically creates backups


  • Becomes laggy when updating
  • Poor Safari experience
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