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Introducing Radium, the most beautiful and intuitive internet radio player you’ll ever use.

Introducing Radium, the most beautiful and intuitive internet radio player you’ll ever use. Find stations in real time by name, genre or region, and tune in to your favourite radios with just one click.
Radium’s 6000+ high quality stations, full AirPlay support, Smart Equalizer and built-in Wish List make listening to your favourite radio a breeze. (Again!)
Redesigned from the ground up, Radium 3 features a new, elegant and minimal user interface that sits in the menubar and stays out of the way. Feel free to concentrate on doing what you love and let Radium take care of the sounds.
Say hello to the new Radium. Chocolate for your ears.
Discover new music
• Find new stations by name, genre, region, or any combination.
• Love the playing track? Add it to your Wish List with one click.
• Quickly find what you feel like listening to by skimming through your stations' icons.
• Activate and edit keyboard shortcuts to open and control Radium.
• Show the playing track in the menu bar and Notification Centre. (Or don't!)
Easily manage your favourite stations
• Click any station’s heart icon to add/remove it from your favourites.
• Secondary-click any station’s icon to change it.
• To reorder your favourite stations, drag any station and drop it in its new place.
• Import any external station simply by dragging its URL, playlist file, or iTunes list entry to Radium's menu bar icon.
Forget about the Settings
• Let Radium’s “Auto” mode select the best-sounding equalizer preset for each station.
• Think another preset sounds better? Radium will remember it for next time.
• Distracted by a phone call? Pause Radium, then resume where you left off.
Share your favourite tunes
• Share a track you love on Twitter or Last.fm directly from Radium’s album artwork popup.
• Generate a tuning-in link with one click and send it to a friend as simple text.
Access your favourite subscriptions
• Radium supports many popular internet radio services, including Digitally Imported, CalmRadio and many more.
Say hello: http://catpigstudios.com/

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