QuickPopup 4.5

QuickPopup is faster and efficient than email, more reliable than the telephone.
4.5 (See all)
Kanex Group, Inc.

Kanex listened to and used input from about a thousand professionals, who already entered with QuickPopup the new era of messaging.
Have a look why they love QuickPopup:
LAN messaging only - QuickPopup doesn't connect to the Internet, so your local area network is safely kept from the prying eyes
Better productivity - With QuickPopup employees or students will not waste their time in thousands of chat rooms

All the great QuickPopup features are certainly here:
Pure IM for business
No server required
No network setting or account setup required
Peer-To-Peer message exchange
Message Encryption
Message delivery is guaranteed
With a single click, keep in touch with individuals or the whole office
User can be a member of several workgroups
All users are automatically found and their presence displayed
Sent and Received Messages Archive
Use templates and save time typing standard messages and replying
Incoming messages can be replied, saved and printed
Foreign language messages are correctly handled
Windows Terminal Server and Fast User Switching compatible
Clickable URLs

QuickPopup Supports:
Text-to-Speech - incoming messages are spoken for you
Internet Address Detectors - easily and quickly open an Internet link
Text Encoding - incoming messages are correctly displayed in your language
Appearance interface - always synchronized with the current theme
Scripting - integration with other programs
Drag-and-Drop, Clipping files, Contextual menus - enable saving some extra time.

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