QuickPick 4.03

This app helps you easily access programs and documents on your Mac.

QuickPick is a program designed to help you easily and quickly access third-party apps and documents on your Mac. This utility provides you with a nicely-designed interface, comes with a complete help guide that teaches you how to handle the app, and uses hardly any CPU resources while running.

The application comes as an alternative to searching and launching tools and files from Finder (Mac's default file explorer). You can create multiple lists (displayed as pages) of apps and documents, organize them into groups, and sort the selected items according to your requirements.

Another good aspect is the fact that you can define a global hotkey to immediately display QuickPick's main window and launch the apps or files you need.

This program also features options to blur or darken the screen once you access the main screen of QuickPicks. Windows from other running apps aren't closed or minimized; they're simply hidden under QuickPicks main window.

To sum things up, QuickPick is a simple yet helpful program for Mac users who wish to immediately open files and third-party apps on their computers. The tool comes with simple to configure settings and can even be used by users with little computer experience.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Simple to handle
  • You can create multiple pages containing lists of programs and documents
  • Provides you with various page settings


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