QuickNuke 1.3

Free Safari extension that lets you hide any element on a web page.
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This is a little Safari extension that lets you hide ("nuke") any element on a web page quickly and easily. Hidden elements do not take up space on the page. Changes are temporary; if you reload the page, the hidden elements will be visible again.
So, what's it good for? Perhaps the best use of QuickNuke is to remove unwanted parts of a page before printing it. And there are times when something on a web page just really bugs the crap out of you, but you don't want to bother setting up an AdBlock rule for that element because you don't plan to visit that site ever again.
Speaking of AdBlock, I don't want to duplicate its functionality - so there are no plans to implement persistent element hiding in a future version of QuickNuke.
Oh, by the way - QuickNuke has one other feature, which is sort of the opposite of its main purpose: You can use it to "isolate" an element on the page - that is, to hide everything except that element. This can be useful when you really want to focus on one thing, or when you want to print just one thing, like an article body or a table. This feature is only accessible using the "extended mode" (see below).
What's new in this version:
QuickNuke now has an optional toolbar button that initiates its "extended mode". (Extended mode is when you point at what you want to nuke and then click it or press the space bar to nuke it.) Clicking the button again exits extended mode. The button is hidden by default. To enable it, you have to customize your toolbar. Right-click the toolbar, select "Customize...", and drag the QuickNuke button to your toolbar.


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