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QuickBrowser is a compact Internet browser accessible from the menu bar.
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QuickBrowser is a compact Internet browser accessible from the menu bar. It is capable of providing three views: normal browser view, tablet view, and mobile view (the default).
Toggling from mobile and tablet view, which also detaches the window from the menu bar, is done with an icon at the base of the QuickBrowser window. Once in tablet view, checking the "Normal Browser" box will cause it to display what any other desktop browser would. However, the application's strength is in its mobile view, which provides a quick way to check on your favorite website(s) in short order. What's more, opening a YouTube video in the mobile view loads up a higher-resolution playback screen, making the most of both the small and large browser formats.

Expecting users to spend money on a browser may like a quaint and rather misinformed notion, particularly since the application is inferior to mainstream browsers in most ways. But the unique features of this browser may just make it worth your while.

Sam's Protip: Website developers might find this a quick and convenient way to test the live mobile versions of their sites.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Light and agile
  • Favorites sidebar is easy to access
  • Twitter and Facebook integration
  • Customizable auto refresh


  • Only one page viewable at a time
  • No history beyond a back and forward button
  • Limited window scaling
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