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Professional solution for optimization and simplification of the process of creating and keeping your notes...
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Alexey Nikitin & Alexandr Bondar
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Quick Well is a professional solution for optimization and simplification of the process of creating and keeping your notes, abstracts, lists, and any other information that is important and useful to you.
Whether you're at home or at work, Quick Well will assist you in keeping all important information in a convenient structure. You won't need to create a myriad of folders and files that clutter up the desktop making it impossible to find anything. This will all be replaced by a single document created with Quick Well.
The use of folders, groups and subgroups will allow you to create a convenient structure that will always be visible, letting you easily access the needed information. The flexible search system will help you find the information you're interested in even if you've forgotten in which section it's located. With the convenient text-notes system, you'll be able to not only save texts, but also to enhance them with a variety of images, files, and archives, and comments. The data for your project will all be concentrated in one single document, and you will be able to create an infinite number of similar collections of information.
You won't have to worry any more about the safekeeping of your data because all you need to do is transfer the Quick Well document to a new spot and you'll have on hand all the data you've created and imported.
Quick Well give you the ability to quickly share data with your friends and coworkers through email, as well as to export notes to a text file. Quick Well's flexible settings make it easy and comfortable to use this program.
You can:
- Save and sort your ideas and thoughts from the various areas of your life (leisure time, work, at school);
- Structure the materials according to your research and writing;
- Import into each separate topic files of the following formats: png, gif, jpg, jpeg, tif, tiff, zip, pdf, txt, doc, rtf, pages;
- Peruse the contents of the files imported into the program;
- Export the added files onto a hard disk;
- Add commentaries to each separate topic;
- Copy the text content into any text editor and keep the original fields and formatting.
- Create record from file (RTF, RTFD, DOC, webarchive).

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