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QuarkXPress is a powerfull tool for graphic design
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Inspired by the designer’s passion for perfection, QuarkXPress 8 complements the way creative professionals work. Strive to do better and constantly improve — employ page-layout and design software developed to help get you there.

With QuarkXPress 8 you can rotate and scale pictures directly with the new Picture Content tool, and preview cropping results as you work, grab box corners and rotate without switching to a different tool, draw with ease using new Bézier pen tools that follow graphics standards used by other professional creative applications, explore new text-to-box support for multiple lines, entire stories, and even multiple boxes, up to an entire spread, when converting text to boxes, maintain the appearance of the text, including color, opacity, and most other text transformations, make the most of dedicated tools for layout and illustration tasks.

Also the program allows you to use built-in Flash (SWF) creation, conversion, and export, leverage your existing print design skills through a common, redefined interface and tool set, output Flash files that support high-end typography feature, create SWF files in more than 30 languages, including East Asian languages, make the most of rich design features including transparency, image manipulation effects, and robust illustration tools.

QuarkXPress 8 offers easy-to-use, precise, and fully customizable control for hanging characters. You can control the look of your text margin alignment by quickly applying preloaded settings for Hanging Punctuation and Punctuation Margin Alignment. And only QuarkXPress 8 offers the ability to apply your settings at the paragraph level, so settings don’t have to apply to an entire story. You can even include the hanging characters setting as part of a style sheet.

QuarkXPress 8 adds native Illustrator file import, standardized tools, and Adobe® Bridge integration to existing designer-friendly Photoshop integration. You can import or drag and drop an Illustrator file directly to your page. Better still, use our redefined illustration tool set to draw like you do in Illustrator and other major graphics applications, making illustration changes where it matters most — in the context of your layout.

Whether you’re designing multi-lingual documents or repurposing a document from another part of the world, QuarkXPress 8 offers global publishing capabilities and support for more than 30 languages in every edition.

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