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QIF Master makes it easier to enter banking, credit card, and investment transactions into Quicken or other programs that accept Quicken Interchange Format (QIF). Bank and Credit Card Transactions - Many online banks and credit card companies allow you to download recent transactions (checks, deposits, credit card charges, etc.) into a file in the Quicken Interchange Format (QIF), so that you can import these transactions into your Quicken account. The problem with this approach is that typically the bank has no way of assigning meaningful categories to the transactions. So, if you care about categorizing your Quicken transactions, you must go through each transaction you have just imported in Quicken, and add categories. QIF Master automates this process. Investment Transactions - Although recent versions of Quicken for the Mac have allowed investment transactions to be downloaded into Quicken, in many cases the downloads are incomplete and sometimes wrong. An alternative approach is to use QIF Master to extract QIF from your investment firm's transaction history Web page and import that QIF into Quicken. Investment information is not produced in QIF format by the investment firms; to get QIF you must use QIF Master to convert the transactions on the Web page into QIF. CSV Files - QIF Master will also convert comma-separated value (CSV) files into QIF. Finally, QIF Master also performs other useful transformations on any financial data it can process, producing output data as CSV or tab-separated entries in text files. Thus, QIF Master can convert financial data from QIF, OFX, QFX, Web pages, CSV, or tab-separated value files into QIF, CSV, or tab-separated values files.

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