Pure Vinyl

Pure Vinyl 5.0

Transcribe and playback vinyl LP records.

A suite of audio applications designed specifically for the high quality digital transcription and playback of vinyl LP records. Pure Vinyl is intended for professional or technically-oriented audio enthusiasts, who own high-end equipment, and who want to create, edit and play back the highest possible quality vinyl transcriptions; with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of fun.
Pure Vinyl uniquely combines a fun and intuitive "scratch" style grab-and-spin editor with realistic, "virtual vinyl" platter images, rendered from the digitized audio. Automatic gain riding and looping insures accurate track location, even in the presence of vinyl background noise. A high quality resampling feature simultaneously saves CD format audio while monitoring and recording raw or equalized audio at sample rates up to 192 kHz. Editing operations are nondestructive, and precision, 64-bit real-time inverse RIAA equalization is included. The download functions as a demo until an activation code purchased. A free, built-in visualizer feature fetches tracks from iTunes playlists and creates an entertaining animation of spinning, "45 RPM" vinyl discs.
What's new in this version:
- Added "Add Tags in iTunes" option to tag AIFF output rendered files with artist / album / track name information
- Added dither option to track rendering
- Added Cancel button to Open Recording... Load Album album list window
- Slightly adjusted positioning of Render Tracks window
- Fixed regression issue keeping Rumble Filter from being configured to be below 22 Hz
- Incorporated simplified playback dithering options and improved dither from Pure Music 2 Pre...

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