PubSearch 1.4

Fast, efficient PubMed searching on your Mac.
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Fast, efficient PubMed searching on your Mac.
PubSearch is a fast, efficient search tool for scientists, medical professionals and students who rely on the ability to quickly access the millions of research papers indexed in PubMed.
By combining a simple, efficient user interface with fast access to the PubMed database, PubSearch lets you concentrate on finding the research articles you need, without getting in your way.
1. Fast, efficient PubMed searching
2. Simple, intuitive interface
3. Sort results by Authors, Title, Journal or Year
4.Automatically displays an article’s Abstract
5. Automatically displays a generic bibliographic entry
6. Drag-and-drop single / multiple titles to automatically paste a bibliographic entry into any document (e.g. word processor or email)
7. Double-click single or multiple titles to instantly view full-text articles in your web browser (works with your existing EZ Proxy setup)

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