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ProxyServerFinder is an app that automatically finds open proxy servers.
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Proxy Server Finder
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ProxyServerFinder is an app that automatically finds open proxy servers. The app can either scan websites with lists of proxies or download a list from the ProxyServerFinder website. In both modes, proxy servers are added to a list and then you can use the built-in tester to see more information about them. I chose to download a list from the server. The demo version limited the number of random proxy servers to 50. Then I proceeded to test them and out of 50, 48 were bad (not working) and the remaining two were Codeen proxies. So, I wouldn't trust the ProxyServerFinder list a lot. The other option gives you a better chance, you can simply search the web for sites that offer good lists and add them to the application. The tester seems to be working well.

I downloaded the demo to test this application and there were some limitations in place. First, I was only able to add some websites to the application and the list that I downloaded only included 50 proxy servers. Second, I wasn't able to copy IP addresses to the clipboard.

The purchase page wasn't easy to find on the website. But you can access it from a drop-down menu that appears when you move your mouse over the Proxy Server Finder link.

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  • Proxy tester


  • The list that you can download from their website isn't really good



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