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Redirect your computer's network connections through proxy servers.
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ProxyCap is an application that lets you take control of how each one of your applications connects to the Internet. As you may know, you can configure certain apps like Safari, Firefox, Skype and others to connect through a proxy server. There are applications, however, that don't include any options to add a proxy. ProxyCap is a solution to that problem. You can add as many proxy sites to the application and create rules that will establish how all your applications or a specific program connect to the Internet. You can either have an application connect directly or connect through a proxy server. There is also support for SSH tunnels.

Configuring the application is very easy, and no previous understanding of proxies or network configuration is needed. All you really need to do is add the connection details for your proxy server, including authentication (if needed), and then create a rule. The rules let you also choose what type of protocols to route through proxy servers (UDP, TCP or both), the destination port range, IP range and hostname. Most of this information is optional, though.

ProxyCap runs on the menubar, from where you can access the configuration screen, the status and logs screen and start or stop the service.

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  • SSH tunnels are supported
  • Easy to set up
  • Rules


  • No way to test the proxy servers before adding them
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