ProModeler 6.1

Create, enhance, and edit any 3D materials.
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Check out a suite for 3D object creation on a Mac. Generate complicated models and logos with complex structures. Work with basic and advanced instruments for building and rendering surfaces, multi-object setups, reflections, and interactive elements.

ProModeler includes all of the powerful 3D content creation tools as the ProAnimator product. It allows you to generate complicated models and logos that would take hours to create in other 3D applications. The Ray Tracer Renderer renders gorgeous, highly realistic surfaces for all of your 3D objects. Customize settings such as the Reflectivity, Falloff and Blurriness to increase the amount of realism. Change the Position, Rotation, or Scale of the material. Enable Tiling to repeat or mirror in both X and Y direction. Being able to edit the position, rotation, or tiling means no more going back and forth into Photoshop to adjust the texture maps. With the Refraction setting, you customize the amount of Refraction for the Material and how fuzzy the transparency is. This allows you to create interesting surfaces for glass, ice, water or more. By adding Bump Maps, this adds even more possiblilities such as creating Frosty or Fuzzy looking glass materials. Use the new Grid Shader to easily create patterns or Bump, Transparency and Reflectivity Maps. Adjust Opacity values to have transparent lines or grids that can be blended with other designs. This lets you easily set up background elements such as Marble or other tile flooring!
What's new in this version:
- GPU-based Open GL rendering. Enables final quality textures, bump maps, reflections and shadows right in the 3D preview window.
- Changes have been made to handle text editing under more situations allowing text to be freely edited while retaining it's original position.
- The user interface on Windows has been upgraded for a more modern look.
- A blur function was added to the noise shaders making for better bump maps and a wider range of uses.
- Bump maps...

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