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Eliminate Printing Hassles - If You Can See It, You Can Print It!
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Steve Becker
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Print It! lets you instantly select and print anything you can see on your monitor, and this includes any combination of text, pictures, and graphics -- literally, anything.
Print It! provides WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) printing and includes support for previewing your print job.

Print It! also works with the Finder, so it's easy to create Finder lists of anything and print them -- even with your own customized notes added.

Print It! lets you add notes and/or time-date stamps to anything you print, including your pictures and graphics.

Print It! lets you -- even on the fly -- create print jobs by automatically combining virtually an unlimited number of selections from anywhere and then printing them together. Additionally, you can add notes and/or time-date stamps to your selections individually and/or to your print job as a whole.

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