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Free Rehearse presentations and oral speeches.
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Work with a collection of instruments for optimizing and preparing different types of personal presentations. Check out the options for managing the timing, marking special cues, etc. Access certain features for preparing group meeting, conferences, and timed events.

presenterCue can be used to rehearse timed speeches, group presentations, and manage meetings. It is a simple but useful tool to give presenters a clue about the time remaining for your speech. The interface allows fast setup, is designed for use with a touchscreen, and gives you a good support to run a conference, meeting or presentation on schedule.
Features: Countdown for speakers, presenters or shows unlimited presets with 2 warning times, cost per hour and speaking time. 12 presets for text messages visualisation of the running speaking time on the bottom of the screen. adding and subtracting time, while the countdown is running "TimeShift" for adjusting the running time against the real time (



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