Pref Setter

Pref Setter 2.0

A simple solution that allows users to edit plist files on their Mac.

Pref Setter is an application that allows users to edit Property List files. These type of files store user and application preferences and most of the time are not accessible via an interface. With Pref Setter however, users can easily locate and modify plist files and unlock hidden settings, part of the operating system or of a specific utility.

The application stands its ground even when compared to Apple's Xcode built-in feature. With this tool you can perform searches within system-wide plist files. Pref Setter displays all Property List entries grouped up in the System Preferences, Registration Domain and User Preferences containers. Once an entry is located, you may have the level of access (owner and privilege) as well as plist information displayed. When editing a file, users can add custom dictionary, array and key values and change the class type (string, data, integer, float, boolean, date, array, dictionary).

Pref Setter makes it very easy to work with plist files. The program proves to be useful because it allows you to make various adjustments for your applications. The utility automatically minimizes when losing focus, which means you constantly have to look it up and open it from your Dock. Other than that, it is quite solid and should prove helpful to all users.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Finds and edits hidden application settings
  • Drag and drop support
  • Can quickly add a new key, dictionary and array to a plist


  • Minimizes when losing focus
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