PowerBoost for iChat AV

PowerBoost for iChat AV 1.0

multi-party video and effects from any Mac
1.0.2 (See all)

PowerBoost is an add-on for iChat AV that makes multi-party conferences possible from any Mac. It also enables Photo Booth effects on all Macs running Leoapard's iChat 4. (Sorry, no back-drop effects.)
Have you ever wondered if your iBook, PowerBook, iMac G4, eMac or G4 tower has what it takes to host or participate in a multi-person conference? Harness and focus the power of your G4 processor to bring your family and friends together. Invite up to 10 iChat users to an audio conference. Host a 3-way or 4-way video chat.
Additionally, PowerBoost lets Power PC and Intel Core Solo owners take advantage of the Photo Booth effects offered by Leopard's iChat 4. (Mac OS X 10.5 required.) Why should Intel Core Duo owners have all the fun? (Sorry, but "back-drop effects" will still be unavailable.)
What's new in this version:
Enables Photo Booth effects on all Macs in Leopard's iChat 4.

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