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Use multiple pre-built 3D characters and scenes to make an animated movie.
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Make 3D characters and scenes. Select from multiple pre-made characters, like cartoon heroes, animals, and robots, dress them in clothes, add pre-built poses and enable animation. Select from pre-built scenes or create your own ones, arrange cameras and lights, and render them.

Poser Debut lets you create scenes to add, pose and animate 3D characters. Master 3D art and animation with our easy to follow, step-by-step Project Guide. Poser Debut has everything you need to get started quickly, including dozens of ready to pose characters-- from cute cartoons and animals to robots and photo-realistic humans. Within minutes you can start rendering 3D scenes into gorgeous art and cool animations that will impress your family, friends, teachers and coworkers. It's easy, it's fun, it's Poser Debut.
Why Poser Debut?
The Most Affordable Way to Learn 3D
If you've ever been interested in animation and design, but can't afford to spend an arm and a leg on expensive software and content, then Poser Debut is the perfect product for you. Poser Debut offers a wide range of 3D tools at a fraction of the cost of other 3D programs.
The User Interface Makes 3D Easy
All the tools and controls you'll need are simple to understand. Just click and drag to pose figures, move lights and cameras, or drag content right from the library into your scene.
Pose 3D Characters with Natural Bending in Every Joint
To create great art you need 3D figures that bend accurately, so each body part moves as it would in real life. Poser Debut is designed with a powerful rigging system for realistic posing. Skin folds and stretches naturally. Since all Poser figures come pre-rigged, you simply load a figure into the scene, grab a body part and pose it. The rigging system does the work and you do the fun part: Posing and animating.
Click and Drag to Move Everything in the Scene in Real Time
Everything in a Poser Debut scene, from lights and cameras to figures and body parts, can be moved with a simple click and drag. Interact with your scene in real time 3D.
Get Started Fast with 2GB of Free Content
With over 2GB of included content you'll be creating 3D images in no time. Over 70 ready-to-pose professional quality characters and hundreds of props, furniture, scenery items and more are included. Just drag and drop content into your scene from the library. No need to build your own! Click on a clothing item and drop it onto a figure and instantly the clothing will follow every pose. Most figures come with facial controls to make eyes blink and mouths smile, fully posable hands and feet, and realistic texture maps. Plus you can edit any pose or scene element and save it to reuse.
Create 3D Art & Animation like a Pro
Poser Debut's Firefly rendering engine is powerful enough to create art and animation that looks like it came from a Hollywood studio, yet is simple to use from your first draft to your final masterpiece. Within minutes you can start rendering 3D scenes that will impress.
Learn 3D Basics with the In-App Project Guide
If you've never used a 3D application before, you'll appreciate our Project Guide. Read simple to follow instructions or watch videos to learn about every feature in Poser Debut.
Training Videos & Tutorials Expand Your Skills
Our 3D primer tutorial videos will familiarize you with the 3D scene and help you quickly learn the basic terms and building blocks of 3D. As you gain experience, you can dig deeper into the Project Guide to master everything about Poser Debut.
- Poser Debut makes learning 3D easy and fun!
- Pose 3D characters with natural bending in every joint. Over 70 included!
- Get started fast with 2GB of content.
- Click and drag to pose figures or move lights and cameras in real time
- Turn 3D scenes into images or animation with Poser's FireFly rendering engine
- Learn how to use Poser with video and easy to follow instructions

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