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Free Turn your text files into PDB and Palm DOC files into TXT.
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Transform text documents to Palm DOC files and vice versa. Drag your text files to the program and convert them into PDB format, readable by any Palm ebook readers, including SmartDoc, TealDoc, and iSilo. Turn your PDB documents back into text files in the same way.

PorDiBle is an application to convert between text documents and Palm DOC files. Text files can be dropped onto PorDiBle and will be converted to a compressed .pdb file which can be read by any one of a myriad of Palm ebook readers, such as SmartDoc, TealDoc and iSilo. Conversely, dropping a DOC .pdb onto PorDiBle will convert back to a text file. PorDiBle can also convert HTML to DOC, albeit by stripping all tags in the process. What's New
Version 3.4:
- PorDiBle now tries harder to convert non ascii characters to ascii. It's still not very smart but at least now smart quotes are converted to 'regular' (non smart) quotes
- Pordible now prints a more intelligent error message if it can't convert from pdb->txt Requirements
PPC / Intel, Mac OS X 10.1 or later


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