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Free Can help you figure out which of your Pro Tools plug-ins are out of date...
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Plug Tools is an app that can help you figure out which of your Pro Tools plug-ins are out of date.
Main features:
- Scans your plug-ins folder and presents you with a listing of every plug-in it finds. It can then automatically compare your plugs against reference list and mark them “up to date” or “out of date” accordingly. Users can manually mark them as well.
- Stores reference plug-ins locally so machine doesn’t always have to be online.
- Can display all plug-ins, out of date plug-ins, up to date plug-ins, or unmarked.
- Can “activate” and “de-activate” plug-ins with a single mouse click.
- Can generate a user editable report to print or save as a pdf file.
- Can sync with the Finder labels - on startup, Plug Tools will color code plug-ins based on Finder labels. If plug-ins are marked out of date or up to date, their Finder labels will be set to red or green respectively. This allows Plug Tools to maintain persistence across multiple sessions.
- Companion website where users can view, add, and edit plug-in information. The more users that contribute information, the more reliable Plug Tools becomes.

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