Planet Horse 2.0

A horse-riding adventure game with 3 modes and various challenges.
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A horse-riding adventure game set in picturesque settings. Take part in various challenges and real horse riding competitions and protect the environment. To earn your horse's trust and become friends, take care of him and train him. Offers 3 modes: free horseback riding, show jumping events and cross country, 7 horse breeds including a zebra and a unicorn and appearance customization with many accessories.

Planet Horse is a horse-riding adventure game.
Freely ride your horse in spectacular settings. Achieve numerous challenges, protect the environment and take part in real riding competitions.
Take care of your horse, train him, earn his trust and become friends with him. You can also count on the support of your personal trainer to become an excellent rider and start the adventure of your life in America!
- Switch between 3 exciting modes: free horseback riding, show jumping events and cross country.
- Choose your horse from 7 breeds including a zebra and a unicorn, and explore huge worlds.
- Customize your appearance and your horse with many accessories.
- Train your horse, take care of it, and together, become an unbeatable team.

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