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Highly accurate professional guitar tuner with a very simple to use interface on your Mac.
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PitchPerfect provides musicians with a simple way of keeping their instruments in tune. While the utility appeals mostly to guitar players, it also includes tuning presets for other instruments like the cello, viola, violin, ukulele, mandolin or the double bass.

There are many tuning utilities available out there, most of which focus on their interface design rather than functionality. While in terms of layout PitchPerfect is not particularly appealing to the eye, the application does its job extremely well. It captures sound input either using a microphone or by plugging-in the instrument into the computer.

For a selected instrument, type of tuning and chord, PitchPerfect will compare the sound frequency your instrument generates with the fixed frequency of a note. The captured note is marked as a red bar while the correct one is displayed in green. A chord is perfectly tuned when the green and red bars stand on top of each other. Selecting a chord will not trigger the correct note output which most tuning utilities do.

Guitar players have up to 19 different tunings to choose from (which is more than any other supported intrument), including standard, drop D, suspended and open notes.

PitchPerfect is fairly intuitive to use and effective; it is equally suited for both professional and amateur musicians.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Supports multiple instruments
  • Includes standard and alternative tunings
  • Displays note frequencies


  • Does not play string notes
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