Photohive 1.0

This application helps you make photo collages on your Mac.
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Gaurav Agarwal

Photohive is an image collage maker for Mac designed to help you easily and quickly create photo montages on your computer. You can work with this program whenever you wish to make a patchwork containing pictures from family events, holidays, trips, and many other.

The app supports input image formats like JPEG, PNG, BMP, and TIFF, provides you with various output configurations, and lets you include text in your photo montages. You can always change the position of the pictures on the collage layout, opt for another background image, and attach new photos to the patchwork.

Another good aspect about this tool is that you can publish your final result on your Facebook, Flickr or Twitter page directly from the app's interface.

I didn't like the fact that the program supports a small amount of output image formats (JPEG, PNG, and TIFF). Furthermore, you can't change the size of the input files or rotate them according to your needs.

However, the application comes without a price and provides you with various photo montage settings. I'd say you should test the program and check if the results match your requirements. If you're not happy with the output files or amount of features, I'd suggest you to try more advanced collage makers.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Straightforward interface
  • Gives you access to various collage settings
  • Supports drag-and-drop action
  • You can post the resulted collage to Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter directly from the app's interface


  • Supports a small amount of image formats (JPEG, PNG, and TIFF)
  • You can't change the size of the input files or rotate them according to your needs
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