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Persistence is a reliable and flexible online backup solution for Mac OS X Leopard that is compatible with most Internet servers: FTP, FTPS, SFTP, WebDAV, Amazon S3, iDisk... (it even supports offline backups to external drives). Persistence is a true Mac product that preserves Finder info, resource forks, ACLs... and comes with an elegant user interface and a powerful assistant. It also provides numerous high-end features like US government approved AES-256 encryption, efficient bz2 compression, powerful exclusion rules and scheduler, support for splitting large files during network transfers, network-error recovery, individual digital signature for backed up files, multi-cores machines optimization and more. Persistence is the best backup solution for Mac OS X users who already have access to online storage, or who simply want more control than other backup products allow, without having to resort to configuring complex utilities. Persistence Pro is the ultimate version of Persistence that allows to all the great features without any restrictions. If you are looking for a simpler & more affordable version of Persistence, consider Persistence Basic. For more information about Persistence, including the list of all its innovative features, please visit
What's new in this version:
Fixed a crash that could happen during user interface updates when multiple backups are running simultaneously All addresses in 10.x.x.x, 192.168.x.x and 172.16.x.x are now correctly considered to be on the local network

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