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Replacing backgrounds has never been easier.
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Replacing backgrounds has never been easier. Create high quality masks quickly and easily with new automated functionality and powerful tools in Perfect Mask, the next generation of Mask Pro. Automatic Background Removal, Drop and Refine Brushes, and clean-up tools make selecting subjects and isolating backgrounds for removal extraordinarily accurate. You'll be amazed at how well Perfect Mask works even when masking tough subjects like hair and glass on complex backgrounds.
Perfect Mask includes powerful and easy-to-use tools to help you remove and replace backgrounds and create the images you want, including:
Keep and Drop Tools
Loosely brush areas you want to remove, like a distracting or boring background, with the Keep and Drop tools. Perfect Mask automatically expands your brush stroke to similarly colored and textured areas to fill in or remove large areas of your image. This is a huge time saver! And, on consistent backgrounds this can be done in as little as a single brush stroke.
Refine Tool
Mask through subjects that were extremely time consuming to mask before with a simple swipe of the Refine Tool. In tough areas like hair, tree branches and wedding veils, you can simply brush with the Refine Tool to automatically remove the background and any color fringes.
Automatic Solid Background Removal
Remove solid color backgrounds with the click of a button. This means that if you shoot on a solid color, all the masking work is done for you! This is perfect for green-screen shooting.
Background Library
Replace an unsightly or uninteresting background in an otherwise great image with one of the backgrounds included in the Layers home module of Perfect Mask. Choose from skies, sunsets, walls and muslin backgrounds, just to name a few. Get creative!
Flexible Previews
Create an accurate mask when you can see in real-time what you are selecting. Side-by-side previews and six different ways to look at your mask eliminate the need to toggle masks on and off to check your work as you go and help you make the adjustments you need and get the quality you want.

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