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We believe that working with layers is fundamental for creative image editing and every photographer should have that ability...
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Perfect Layers... We believe that working with layers is fundamental for creative image editing and every photographer should have that ability--no matter what software tools you use. Whether you use Lightroom, Aperture, or choose to use Perfect Layers 2 as a standalone application, you now have a seamless way to create layered files without Photoshop. However, if you do use Photoshop, you can open and edit Photoshop files in Perfect Layers 2 and all Perfect Layers 2 files can be edited in Photoshop, giving you even more flexibility in your workflow. The power of layers gives you a starting point for creating the images you envision with easy-to-use tools designed specifically for photographers. With Perfect Layers 2, you can open and edit multiple files directly from Lightroom or Aperture, combine the best parts of multiple photos to balance exposure and build composites, retouch portraits and landscapes, and more--giving you endless creative options.
Get the power and creativity of blending modes in Lightroom and Aperture!
By blending layers together, especially copies of the same or similar images, you can create amazing and highly stylized looks in Perfect Layers 2. By changing the blending modes, you can control the brightness, contrast and color of the image to dramatically alter the appearance. And, by adjusting the opacity, you can control the strength of the effect.
Control how much of each layer is visible by using the familiar Masking Brush and Masking Bug from PhotoTools 2.6.
Similar to using a layer mask, you can paint with the Masking Brush to reveal or hide areas of a layer. With the Masking Bug, you can quickly create gradient masks for making vignettes and graduated filter effects. Both tools work together and are non-destructive and can even be re-edited with Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. If you use Wacom pressure sensitive tablet, you can even control the brush size or opacity with how hard you press while painting. 
Just dab the Retouch Brush on a blemish and it's gone automatically. This is perfect for quick touch ups. The Retouch Brush removes dust spots, power lines and other distractions from your image.
Change the mood of your image by inserting a new layer, filled with a solid color, in your stack. This changes the color of layers under them. It's one more way for you to expand your creative options with non-destructive, re-editable adjustments.
Perfect Layers 2 includes presets that simulate common color correction and black and white conversion filters. You can also use the built-in masking tools to selectively place and control the strength of these color fill effects. 
Perfect Layers 2 now includes Perfect Effects 3 Free, giving you a select collection of two-dozen effects you can use to enhance and stylize your photos, and create images with impact.
Perfect Layers 2 integrates seamlessly into your workflow, no matter what tools and software you use. It works as a plug-in to Photoshop and Photoshop Elements or with Lightroom or Aperture. You can also use Perfect Layers 2 as a standalone application all by itself.

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