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PDF to EPUB by Hewbo is a very nice eBook converter for the Mac.
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PDF to EPUB by Hewbo is a very nice eBook converter for the Mac. It allows you to convert PDF files into ePub files. ePub is one of the most original if not the most original eBook formats. There are many features that make ePub great, but you can learn more about that by Googling the format. PDF to EPUB works great because it is basic and simple. Unlike other over-complicated conversion apps, this one simply asks you to drag and drop the file that you want to convert, and that is all you have to do most of the times. If you do want to customize the process, you have to tweak a few settings before you drag and drop. For example, you will notice that the main window shows three buttons: Original, Text and Image. If the first one is activated, then the application will create an identical copy of the source PDF file. If "Text" is activated, the app will discard all the images and keep only the text. Something similar happens when "Image" is activated. In that case, only the images will be kept.

I tried this app by converting a PDF eBook and then I uploaded it to my iPad, using iTunes. The book was added to my Books library just fine and, although there were a few blank pages here and there, the book was of great quality. All the iBook features were available and usable.

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  • It works really well


  • A few blank pages were added to my book



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