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In the latest version of pdf-FieldMerge, Excel and CSV files can be opened directly and used as a data source.
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In the latest version of pdf-FieldMerge, Excel and CSV files can be opened directly and used as a data source. Here is the table or the tables displayed in the user interface and the user specifies with one mouse click, which records should be used to fill the PDF form template.
Thus, even the use of large data sets is easily. Even the formation of the file name is defined graphically. One mouse click and in no time are self-created hundreds of personalized PDF forms.
Currently, Excel (xls), CSV and FDF files are processed directly. Further data connections, such as databases are planned. Similarly, the automated e-mail delivery.
Furthermore, a batch processing is possible to fill in one operation to a variety of PDF forms using a single data source. At the same field parameters can also be passed by, for example, to set the write protect on a field or fields to be converted to text (flatten).
The product pdf-FieldMerge is primarily aimed at users who wants easily create customized PDF forms. Unlike PDF printer drivers remain with pdf-FieldMerge created PDF forms can be filled out or continue to be overwritten. This also applies provided with Adobe digital rights management (DRM), PDF forms!
pdf-FieldMerge allows you to fill in PDF form fields automatically with just a few mouse-clicks. Process data from a database or a spreadsheet to your PDF - singularly or en masse - automatically or manually. Without any programming or some special IT know-how.
pdf-FieldMerge provides you with all features to fill in forms fields from a database in series. Keep filled form fields editable or 'flatten' to PDF? No problem. Select all properties with some clicks.
- merges variable data with pdf forms
- merge graphics
- makes it easy to use pdf forms
- uses files from spreadsheets, PC databases, or custom mainframe queries
- save to single or multiple PDFs
- export pdf form field names
- partial flattening
pdf-FieldMerge is available in several versions, including. for use on single workstations, servers, and to operate at Web providers and incorporating into their own applications.
Please ensure to use form templates created with 100% compatible PDF forms software (e.g. Adobe, pdf-Office Professional) to avoid problems.

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