Unclutter 2.1

Organize your desktop by keeping frequently used items at hand.

Unclutter helps you keep your desktop organized as this tool can be used to store frequently used files and folders -those you normally prefer to keep on the desktop. Likewise, it can be used for managing web links, clipboard items and taking notes. Good news is that Unclutter can be used to synchronize data across multiple machines thanks to its integration with Dropbox.

Unclutter can be set to start along with your system and remain hidden at the upper screen border. Moreover, it can be pulled down when you move the cursor over this area. However, if you feel this is quite uncomfortable and want to prevent accidental pulldowns, it is still possible to deactivate this feature and use a keyboard shortcut instead.

One convenient thing about Unclutter is that its window is divided into three panels. So, you get separate panels for Clipboard, Files and Notes. This way, you can access the three most important features from a single window.

From the Clipboard panel, you can see a history of your copied items. It is meant to provide you with quick access to them so that you can easily paste or reopen recent clips. Luckily, it is possible to create a list of favorite clipboard items to ensure they are always at hand.

Probably the most frequently used panel is Files. It lets you drag and drop files and folders so that they are always there when you need them. It allows viewing contents as a list or as icons. Likewise, it is possible to sort them according to their properties. Regrettably, creating custom categories is not supported.

The remaining panel, Notes, helps you take quick notes. You can add as many notes as you need. Yet, it does not seem to support rich text formatting or adding media contents, such as audio or pictures. Notes can also be created from the desktop.

Bottom line: Unclutter can have a direct impact on your productivity by providing faster access to your most frequently used files, folders, data, links, etc. The product certainly deserves a try so it is good to know that it can be tested for 7 days.

Pedro Castro
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  • Keeps a clipboard history
  • Unobtrusive interface
  • Supports drag-and-drop operations


  • Notes do not support rich text formatting or media
  • Creating custom categories is not supported
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