pcdMagic 1.4

Convert pictures stored on PCD files, a Kodak proprietary format.

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pcdMagic is intended to help you convert pictures stored on PCD files, a Kodak proprietary format that is no longer supported. This way, this tool becomes quite handy if you need to recover old photographs to make them playable on modern equipment or share them with others on the Web.

The application has a very extremely easy-to-use interface. It starts with a browser-type window, which lets you pick the files you want to convert. For this purpose, there is a small button on one of the corners. But this is just the express way as you can also open the application’s main page, which also lets you preview the contents of the files you load as well.

In terms of the quality, the tool does an excellent conversion job. In this regard, it does not cause any of the problems that appear when you use other converters, such as highlights. Moreover, it can handle large resolutions.

All in all, pcdMagic solves the problem of retrieving the contents of an obsolete picture format. While it supports JPEG, TIFF, EXR and DNG as target, it has the limitation of supporting just a source picture format. The product can be tried at no cost, but you will not be able to use resolutions higher than 512x768 or adaptive interpolation.

Pedro Castro
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  • Converts a rare picture format
  • Accurate conversion


  • Supports a single source format
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