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Passwords allows you to safely store and easily retrieve passwords and other sensitive data such as:
- Credit card numbers and PIN details
- Bank account details
- Email account passwords
- Software access passwords
- Personal contact details
- Phone PIN codes
- Computer logon passwords
- Website password details and much more... Your data is encrypted and password protected, keeping it safe from prying eyes.
You can open websites from the program, and quickly enter any necessary log-in details (this could be for a forum, a bank account etc).
The auto-complete feature allows you to define a series of data and key commands which can then be called to fill in a Web form or put data into another application. For example, for a Web site login you could create the commands:
When auto complete is used, the program will send the value of "Username", then a TAB key, the value of "Password" and then an ENTER key to the active window.

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