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Easily decrypt any PDF file to gain access to your important data.
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Cisdem PDFPasswordRemover offers a simple and convenient solution to recover the password of protected PDFs. Consequently, you will be able to open your PDF and view the content of the secured document, save an unprotected copy of the file if desired, and print or edit its content with specialized tools.

Managing the application doesn't require advanced or particular knowledge, so anyone can use it with ease whenever removing the encryption from a PDF file is needed. Once you launch the program, the main window opens up displaying a list of password-retrieving features. There, you can enter a seemingly combination of characters that the password might include, determine the minimum and the maximum password length, and check whether the password includes lowercase letters, uppercase letters, digits, special symbols, space and tab symbols, and additional characters. It is advisable to point out as many details as you can remember about the password you wish to retrieve. This way, the password recovery operation will take a shorter amount of time and it will lead to more accurate results. If the password retrieving process takes longer than expected, you can stop the decryption task and resume it later. You are informed about the estimated time until the password is recovered, so you can decide whether to stop the operation temporarily or let the program finish the recovery without interruption.

What is great about this utility is that it preserves the passwords of the already decrypted files. So, if you forgot the password of a PDF you formerly processed with Cisdem PDFPasswordRemover, you just need to load the document once again, and the program will show you the password automatically. However, if you wish to keep your PDF unprotected, you can export the decrypted file to the desired computer location.

To conclude, Cisdem PDFPasswordRemover is a stable and reliable application that helps you retrieve both the open and the owner passwords of secured PDFs. The brute-force decryption helps you recover the most complex passwords, though it can take an extensive amount of time.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Multiple decryption preferences
  • Brute-force password removal
  • Retrieves the most complex passwords
  • Exports PDF files once unprotected
  • Resumes password recovery process


  • Doesn't support dragging and dropping PDF files
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