PassMaker 1.1

A customizable generator for passwords up to 64 characters in length.
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PassMaker is a random password generator that can be customized to use uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and/or symbols, and can generate strings of any length from 1 to 64. It displays the generated password in the same window as the specs, making it easy to copy and paste to the destination of your choice.

If you're having trouble coming up with a good password or forty that satisfies the draconian length and variety requirements of websites these days (rules that vary from site to site and are sometimes mutually exclusive!), this could be the ticket. What I like to do is fit a mnemonic to a particularly appealing string generated by an app like this one. For instance, I might remember the password "a13Yopg2CNo0B" (which just so happened to be the first one I generated) as "a 13-year-old party gamer, too cool for noobs", although in such a case I'd probably want to insert a "4" between "C" and "N" to avoid confusion.

PassMaker does what it says without complication or fault, except that passwords of around 25 characters or more don't fit in the space designated by the program, such that you'll have to click and drag to select or see it all.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Customizability for the basic features of a password


  • Passwords of more than 25 characters aren't displayable all at once by the program's text field
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