PageSpinner 5.2

An application that allows users to speed up the process of designing webpages.
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PageSpinner is an all-in-one PHP, HTML, CSS editor designed for web developers. The application includes multiple HTML, JavaScript and CSS code examples as well as a built-in assistant for quickly editing different sections of a webpage. With this tool, you can create HTML pages from scratch and publish them to a web server.

The utility focuses mainly on assisting web designers throughout all aspects of their work. This includes syntax highlighting for multiple, out-of-the-box code samples, tutorials and assistant guides. For instance, I was able to generate the code for a double columned page (CSS and HTML) in just a matter of seconds, a task that would otherwise take a few minutes. The Assistant mode works just like a wizard and eliminates the need of remembering code syntax; by choosing a topic and completing the fields, you may generate a specific code (document head / body / title, link, anchor, image, table, frames, JavaScript and many others).

PageSpinner is a tool for both experienced and aspiring web designers due to its flexibility. Despite this, however, the application lacks some of the most popular features that make for a decent webpage editor like code completion and code folding.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Page assistant
  • HTML examples
  • Plug-in support


  • No code completion
  • No code folding support
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