OSControl Xtra 2.0

Director Xtra, draws platform-specific GUI parts
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The OSControl Xtra adds a couple of long awaited member types to Macromedia Director: boxes, dropdown lists/popup menus, contextual menus, scroll bars, push buttons, bevel buttons, progress bars, 'little arrow'-buttons, sliders, radio buttons and checkboxes.
Unlike Director's built-in controls and Flash MX's UI Components, OSControls all are drawn in the OS appearance as set by the user. These controls are truly cross-platform: on a Macintosh they look and behave like real Macintosh controls, on a PC running Windows they look and behave like real Windows controls. The OSControl Xtra is ideal for rapid prototyping, making 'real' looking cross platform applications and many other Director projects.
The OSControl Xtra will pay for itself almost immediately because of the valuable development time it will save.
What's new in this version:
Support for native Windows XP controls OSControl now fully supports native Windows XP controls giving your interface the look and feel of a true XP application when running on that platform. OSmenus extended to support hierarchical menus The OSmenu control now supports easy to create and manage hierarchical sub-menus. OStabs A tab control giving you even more flexibility to build professional interface designs. Improved Lingo control of OSmenus and OSpo...



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