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Keep your operating system clean from useless and sensitive data.
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OS Cleaner can help you keep your operating system clean from useless and sensitive data. Likewise, it can improve performance by monitoring CPU usage, optimizing memory and uninstall undesired applications. The tool has a nice tabbed interface, which makes it easy to navigate. In this respect, features are conveniently grouped according to their functions. So, there are various categories: Cleaning, File Managers, Monitoring and Utilities.

If, in spite of the app’s ease of use, you may want to make it even simpler, Fast Cleanup seems to be the right choice for you. Thus, with a push of a button, it starts scanning your system. After a while, you can get the results arranged in categories such as Cache Files, Log Files, Trash Bins, Broken Login Items, iOS Photo Cache, Apple TV Photo Cache and xCode Derived Data. Luckily, the results can be browsed and you do not need to fix all the issues found if you do not want to.

In case you want to be more specific, there are separate cleaners for various types of junk data, including iTunes, aliases files, mail attachments, duplicate files as well as large and old files. In the File Managers category, in turn, you can easily browse and make decisions as to specific types of files, like PDFs, movies, songs as well as installation packages (PKG and DMG). Likewise, by opening the Monitoring tab, you can view your CPU’s current status and usage. Moreover, you can perform a memory optimization.

The Utilities tab, in my opinion, deserves special mention. First, it comes with an uninstaller that removes not only unwanted applications but also any undesirable leftovers from your system. Second, there is the possibility to preserve your privacy by removing browsing histories, cookies, downloads and locally stored data for each of the Internet browsers installed on your system. Likewise, it can clean your recent files lists and chat history. Again, you do not need to delete everything as you have the chance to select only those data you want to remove. Finally, there is also a Shredder to erase the selected files beyond recovery.

All in all, OS Cleaner is above all a very versatile system cleaner and optimizer. It covers various areas that are critical for the good functioning of your computer. Similarly, it helps you keep private data away from prying eyes. Regrettably, this tool has not been optimized for a full compatibility with the latest macOS versions (Mojave and Catalina). Although the product is free to download and use, it offers some in-app purchases.

Pedro Castro
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  • Easy-to-navigate interface
  • Versatile app
  • Lets you decide what to do
  • Fast Cleanup feature
  • Built-in file managers
  • Built-in shredder
  • Built-in app uninstaller


  • No updates for recent macOS versions
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