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A Chromium-based browser, intended to facilitate interacting on social networks.
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Orbitum is a browser based on Chromium, from which it inherits most of its basic characteristics. Thus, it is just as lightweight, fast and reliable as other browsers of the same family. What is more, its interface looks practically the same as that of Google Chrome, a very popular browser. Thus, it allows opening various pages on different tabs and has similar menus and settings. Yet, what really differentiates Orbitum from other similar tools is its being intended to facilitate interacting on social networks.

In addition, the program has other unique features. First, there is the Quick Launch toolbar, which keeps a record of your favorite sites and lets you open them all with a single click. Second, if you are fond of listening to online music, you will probably be glad to hear that this browser comes with a built-in music player, which means that you will not need a third-party program for this purpose. Third, a sidebar with a built-in chat lets you communicate with your friends on Vkontakte and Odnojlassniki. It is a shame, though, that, although the browser is said to support Facebook as well, it does not really allow chatting on this social network. Finally, there is a feature that I really appreciate: Orbitum not only allows downloading standard files but also comes with a torrent client, which lets you manage this type of connection without requiring another tool.

All in all, Orbitum is stable and fast, so you will not have any reasons to complain about in this regard. Since it is based on Chromium, it supports adding extensions. In fact, it comes with a useful ad blocker. However, it falls short of the intention to make it the preferred browser for social web interaction, as it supports just a few social networks. Moreover, it does not have as many features as other browsers I have tried. Lastly, as most browsers, Orbitum is free to use.

Pedro Castro
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  • Fast, reliable and lightweight
  • Supports extensions
  • Sidebar for chatting
  • Built-in music player
  • Built-in torrent client
  • Ad blocker


  • Does not support many social networks
  • Less features than other browsers
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