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Optimize toolbar scripts in your system.
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Work with Terminal components. Integrate custom toolbar scripts in Mac OS X 10.1 and later to increase the interactivity, functionality, and stability of the controlled processes. Automatically open relevant windows and adjust the parameters of files.

OpenTerminalHere is a Toolbar Script for Mac OS X 10.1 and later. In Panther / 10.3, you put it into the sidebar at the left edge of the Finder windows.
When its icon is being clicked on in the toolbar of a given directory window, it will open up a new Terminal session with that directory as working directory, i.e. it will cd there.It's also possible to drop one or more folders or other items onto the icon. The script will open up a Terminal session in each dropped directory, and for for each non-folder item a session in the item's respective parent directory.



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