Objective Basic

Objective Basic 4.01

Objective-Basic is a powerful BASIC programming language for Mac.

Objective-Basic is a powerful BASIC programming language for Mac, which is simple, intuitive and very easy to learn. It is similar to Visual Basic® and Objective-C®. It is an easy-to-use, object-oriented, compiled, stable, fast and modern programming language written in C and Objective-C®. Its runtime is entirely based on Cocoa®. Objective-Basic enables you to develop full-featured modern GUI applications with well-known BASIC syntax in a modern fashion. It comes with true Objective-C object orientation and support for Cocoa. Objective-Basic combines the expressive power of object-oriented languages like Objective-C with the familiarity and ease of use of BASIC. You can develop nearly anything on a Mac with the newest technologies available for the Mac, and you can create very fast and small programs with it. Objective-Basic's IDE is written in Objective-Basic itself. It is designed to be easy and intuitive from the start.

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