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Loose weight and stay healthy by eating balanced meals.
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The program will help you to figure out your daily calorie intake and help you lose weight if you commit to adjusting your diet to consume less calories a day than you spend. Losing weight is easy if you choose to eat nutrition-balanced meals. You will feel less hungry, hence eat less calories a day and burn off the excess of fat.

Don't be fooled by the ads that promise you quick weight loss as long as you take one fat-burning pill a day. Exercise and diet are the only two ways to lose weight. This program can help you figure out how to manage your diet. With its impressive food database, you will see exactly how much energy is in your meal and what kind of energy that is: carbs, fiber, proteins, fat. As you well know, excessive energy (unused calories) is stored in fat cells. By knowing your calorie intake, you can decrease the number of new fat cells emerging in your body.

The program features a very impressive food database. You can find information on complete meals and even their recipes. Each of the ingredients can be analyzed and substituted to fit your dieting plan and your cravings. As you adjust ingredients of your meal, you will see your meal's total calorie number change up or down. The program also takes into account that everyone is different and they may digest food differently. Therefore, there are settings to increase or decrease metabolism rate (breaking down of the products in your stomach) and other options. more

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