NumPad Connector

NumPad Connector 1.1

Turn your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad into a remote wireless numeric keyboard....
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Pavel Kanzelsberger

NumPad Connector transforms your iPhone, iPod Touch or even your iPad into a wireless numeric pad for your Mac OS X computer. Very handy for laptops or those with bluetooth wireless keyboard. NumPad Remote discovers your Mac computer in your local network automatically with no special setup required. Just make sure to download NumPad Connector for Mac below.
- Connects using your WiFi connection (no cables required)
- Automatically discovering computers in your local network with no setup required
- Comes with connection manager in case you have more than 1 computer. You can even connect to computers outside your local network.
- Includes configurable special key that could act as Escape, Backspace or Delete
- Configurable number delimiter: Period, Comma
- Configurable key layout style: Calculator, Dial pad
- You don't need to turn on ScreenSharing as with other apps and risk somebody in your network will see your desktop
- All connections are safe and authenticated by you, so nobody else takeovers your keypad

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