NTRconnect 1.0

NTRconnect delivers mobility with support for access from smartphone devices.
1.0 (See all)

Real mobility means anytime, anywhere access to the information you need. NTRconnect delivers mobility with support for remote access from smartphone devices running the Microsoft Windows Mobile platform.

Check your e-mail on the way to work, put the finishing touches on a presentation while waiting at the airport, or view your digital photo album while out with your friends. You can do all this with NTRconnect and your smartphone with convenient features like:
Remote access to PCs, Macs, and Linux
Color/display configuration to get the most out of your bandwidth
Scale-to-Fit and Zoom for ease of use
End-to-end data security with AES 256 bit encryption
Easy access through your authenticated login www.ntrconnect.mobi

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