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Benchmark your system's components and compare the score with others.
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If you have just purchased a new computer and want to find out how it performs under heavy processing demands, a benchmark tool will do that for you; with NovaBench users can easily evaluate their computer's capabilities by running a choice of multiple tests including CPU, GPU, RAM, hard disk speed. After the benchmark is complete, a score will provided that may then be uploaded and shared with the rest of the community. And what's more, it is completely free.

The program's interface is compact and friendly, making it quite intuitive to use; NovaBench displays the computer's processor, memory and graphics components. Select one of the available tests and let the application do the rest. It includes CPU tests (Floating Point Operations, Integer Operations, MD5 Hashing), GPU test, Hardware Tests (RAM transfer speed, drive write speed). The output will consist of an overall value made up of individual hardware scores. Submit your score and check out graphs, comparisons and other details on the product's website.

NovaBench is a quick and effective tool aimed at all users looking to accurately estimate their system's performance.

Rory Shaffer
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