NovaBench 1.0

Test the main components of your Mac quickly with NovaBench
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Test the main components of your Mac quickly with NovaBench.
Testing generally takes only 1-2 minutes, and produces detailed information and an overall system score.
· Floating Point Test - Tests CPU's floating point arithmetic speed
· Integer Test - Tests CPU's integer arithmetic speed
· MD5 Hashing Speed - General CPU test
· 3D Graphics Test - Tests GPU with a heavily shader dependent 3D scene
· RAM Speed - Tests RAM read and write speed
· Disk Write Speed - Test write speed of primary or selected storage device
Results can be submitted to for comparison with other systems. All submitted results are verified for authenticity.
Build a profile of your NovaBench results, and link it easily on social networks. You can also create an image for your forum signature, blog, or website.

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