Check CPU Score

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Novawave Inc.
NovaBench is a benchmarking utility to help you evaluate your Mac's capabilities by running various types of tests...
a complete report with scores. You can...CPU tests. The program displayed a 0 score for the CPU
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Agile Route
CPULed is a handy tool that helps you monitor the activity of your CPU. It uses a color code...
information about your average CPU activity...the activity of your CPU. This program
Turbo Boost Switcher
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Rubén García Pérez
Turbo Boost Switcher is a little application for Mac computers that allows to enable and/or disable the Turbo Boost feature...
/ Disable Turbo Boost. Check your CPU temp and fan speed
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The iBench Team
iBench is Mac utility that enables you to run various types of tests and see how your system is behaving...
help manual, uses minimum CPU resources while testing
Full Deck Poker Solitaire
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GRL Games, Inc
Full Deck Poker Solitaire is a fun game that combines elements from two very popular games: solitaire and poker...
menu, you can check the score for each...game keeps, including highest score for each game
CPU Speed Accelerator
AlphaOmega Software
CPU Speed Accelerator is a simple program designed to help users increase the CPU being allocated...
and uses minimum CPU resources while operating...bit faster after using CPU Speed Accelerator
CPU Stress Test
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Tunabelly Software Inc.
CPU Stress Tests is designed to help you test the thermal limits or battery life of your Mac...
CPU...apps to test the CPU, you just...It will keep the CPU
Temperature Gauge
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Tunabelly Software
Temperature Gauge lets you monitor and log all the temperatures and fan speeds...
Temperature Gauge lets you monitor and log all the temperatures and fan speeds inside your Mac
CPU Activity Monitor
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Karel Petrovic
CPU Activity Monitor is an easy-to-use application that helps you monitor your CPU load status...
helps you monitor your CPU load status...app that consumes your CPU processing power
Red vs. Green
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Jonathan Clark
Red vs. Green is an arcade game that lets you play the classic Maze Runner and create your...
at any moment your score
Stat Menubar
Stat Menubar is an advanced tool for monitoring your Mac performance in the menu bar...
device resources such as CPU, memory, disk, battery
CPU History
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christopher bowns
CPU History is an application that graphs your current CPU usage history in the Dock...
that graphs your current CPU usage...uses very little CPU to monitor your CPU usage
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Grammatisch provides exercises as well as summaries, tables and lists for the key topics of the German grammar...
exercises session, you can check your score and a detailed correction
CheckIT - CPU Widget
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Everyday Tools
CheckIT - CPU Widget is an app that allows to get information from the whole CPU...
information from the whole CPU. When opening...The tool tracks the CPU usage and cores statistics
CPU Check
Stefan Van Damme
CPU Check provides you with real-time information about your CPU usage for each processor on your Mac...
CPU Check provides you with real-time information about your CPU usage
Ya! Dice
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Novel Games
Try your luck and say "Ya"! The object of this game is to assign the rolled patterns of 5 dice...
the list and check the score you can receive...following list shows the score of each combination
CPU System Monitoring PRO
GC Studios
CPU System Monitoring PRO is a handy application that lets you see the CPU status of your Mac...
CPU System Monitoring PRO...you see the CPU...can check the status of your CPU
CPU Spy Pro
Alekseyeva Nikolai
CPU Spy Pro is a simple application that will display the CPU usage in real time. This easy to use application...
that will display the CPU usage...apps that are using CPU without permission
Doom CPU Monitor
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Ash Furrow
Doom CPU Monitor is an application that shows you how much you're crushing your CPU...
re crushing your CPU...the level of CPU consumption...much load your CPU
Menu CPU Meter
Sharcky Mac Inn
Menu CPU Meter is a handy lightweight application which lives in the menu bar and shows you...
Menu CPU Meter is a handy lightweight...of your CPU you are using. The CPU usage