Norman Antivirus 3.3

Antivirus and anti-phishing protection for your Mac.
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Macs don't live in a vacuum. Like all Internet connected computers, they get attacked by malware. With a brand new technological approach, Norman Antivirus for Mac feels right at home on OSX.
Cloud-based real time protection
The software accesses real time information to identify threats and prevent access to malicious sites.
Low impact on Mac performance
The solution has a small system footprint, keeping the initial load and running environment very quick. You won't even notice it's there.
Web Protection
Our anti-phishing solution scans the webpages you browse and warns you when you accidentally visit an unsafe one. Remember that when it comes to online scams - everybody is vulnerable - even Mac users.
Protection, blocking and cleaning tools
The antimalware engine offers solid protection through identifying, blocking and cleaning all types of threats.
Auto updates
Norman Antivirus for Mac silently updates its malware definitions. Carry on with your work while your Mac stays safe.
On demand scan
Don't pass nasty stuff on to your family and friends - stick in your USB drive and get it scanned before sharing.
Notifications for Mac
Norman Antivirus for Mac uses Notifications or Growl to keep you informed about updates or any event that requires your attention.



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