NewsTicker 2.37

NewsTicker is an app that puts a ticker at the top of your screen with RSS news.

NewsTicker is an app that puts a ticker at the top of your screen with RSS news. I am a big fan of RSS feeds, because when you use them, the news comes to you, and not the other way. NewsTicker is great in that it offers a new way for you to see your RSS feeds. The ticker will show news headlines for your RSS feeds, and when you click on one of the titles, a browser window or a tab (based on your browser settings) will be opened with the full news article. When you do this, the article will be removed from the ticker and the number of unread articles on the dock icon will be updated. NewsTicker comes with three RSS feeds preloaded: Version Tracker, Apple Insider and an iTunes feed. You can, for sure, have more feeds by adding the RSS feed's URL.

By default, the ticker won't appear above other applications, and will only be visible if you click on the dock icon. However, you can change this and other things from the Behavior tab in the Preferences window.

An interesting feature is that you can configure this application to speak the news titles to you using your Mac's text to speech engine. You can even pick the voice that you would like to use.

In short, NewsTicker is an interesting way to get RSS feeds on your Mac. I personally would rather look through my news with Google Reader, but some people might actually enjoy reading news this way.

José Fernández
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  • Interesting way to read news
  • Support for other feeds
  • Voice support


  • The app crashed during my testing
  • Not all the feeds were displayed correctly
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